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OMVIC Logos: Terms and Conditions of Use

NOTE: Please read the following document carefully.

Only individuals registered with the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (“OMVIC”) as motor vehicle dealers and/or salespeople (“Registrants”) may download the logos, as defined and displayed below, from OMVIC’s website.

These logos include the All-in Pricing Windshield Signs, OMVIC Logo, Buy With Confidence Logo, Know Your Ride Logo, and OMVIC-C.A.L.E. Logo (hereinafter referred to as the “Logos”).

All-in Pricing Windshield Signs Logo Logo

Know Your Ride logo OMVIC Official Decal OMVIC-CAI logo

By downloading and/or displaying any of the Logos, the Registrant agrees to the following terms and conditions of use. If the Registrant does not consent to the terms and conditions of use, they cannot use any of the Logos in any capacity.


  1. OMVIC retains all ownership rights in the Logos.
  2. OMVIC reserves the right to alter, modify or discontinue the Logos at any time, at its sole discretion.
  3. OMVIC is not liable or obligated in any manner for any damages or other losses of any type whatsoever incurred by the registrant in connection with the Logos.
  4. The Registrant cannot alter the appearance of or try to recreate any of the Logos in any way.
  5. The Logos may only be used for the purpose of indicating to the public that they are registered under the Act and for promoting the consumer protection benefits of the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council.
  6. The Logos may not be used in any manner that implies OMVIC sponsorship or endorsement of the Registrant's products or services or compliance with the Act.
  7. The Logos must never appear larger and/or more prominent than the Registrant's trade name on any materials produced or distributed by the Registrant.
  8. If the Registrant’s registration under the Act is terminated, revoked, lapsed or temporarily suspended, the Registrant will immediately discontinue all use of the Logos and remove the Logos from all materials in its possession.
  9. The Registrant must promptly discontinue all use of the Logos upon written request from OMVIC.

By downloading any of the Logos, the Registrant acknowledges and agrees with the terms and conditions of its use.