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OMVIC Protects Ontario Car Buyers

As the regulator of motor vehicle sales in Ontario, OMVIC’s mandate is to maintain a fair and informed marketplace by protecting the rights of consumers, enhancing industry professionalism and ensuring fair, honest and open competition for registered motor vehicle dealers. This is achieved by:

Some dealers provide services that allow “remote customers” to purchase/lease vehicles online – with no visit to a dealership and the vehicle delivered to the purchaser’s (or lessee’s) door. Buying a vehicle remotely (sight unseen, with no physical inspection or test drive) requires consumers to be educated and take appropriate steps to ensure the transaction goes smoothly.

To help, OMVIC has created 13 tips for online and remote buyers

Introducing the OMVIC Academy

The OMVIC Academy is an educational resource with instructional videos and a downloadable Car-Buying Guide that teaches students how to become confident car-buyers. Each video is 2-3 minutes long. Topics include: Understanding All-in Price Advertising; Long-Term Loans and Negative Equity; The Dangers Posed by Curbsiders; Consumer Rights when Buying from a Registered Dealer and How to Protect Yourself When Buying Privately. These five lessons in car-buying are a must for any “Padawan” eager to know his or her rights!

OMVIC Academy Video - 1
All-in Price Advertising
OMVIC Academy Video - 2
Negative Equity
OMVIC Academy Video - 3
OMVIC Academy Video - 4
Buying from an OMVIC-Registered Dealer
OMVIC Academy Video - 5
Buying from a Private Seller
The students learn what fees must be included in a dealer’s advertised price. The class holds an intervention and Timmy learns an important lesson about the dangers of long-term loans. Professor OMVIC isn’t acting like himself and gives the students strange advice about buying a car privately. Should they trust him? It’s classmates vs. classmates in a Feud to determine who knows the most about buying from a registered dealer. Roleplaying-the class helps Justin prepare for an appointment with a private seller. Will he remember the right questions to ask?
Learn more about the OMVIC Academy and download the OMVIC Academy Car-Buying Guide

Buying a Car? Know Your Rights


Don’t Get Scammed—Avoid Curbsiders

Avoid Curbsiders Avoid Curbsiders Avoid Curbsiders Avoid Curbsiders

Car-Buying Tips

  • Tips for Buying from an OMVIC-Registered Dealer
  • Tips for Buying a Car Online
  • Tips for Buying Privately
  • Get Help

Negative Equity

Shop for a car, not a car payment.

Negative Equity

OMVIC DecalMake sure your
dealer / salesperson is registered

All-in Price Advertising—It’s Your Right!

All-In Price Advertising
Protects Ontario Car Buyers

If a dealer advertises a price for a vehicle (new or used), the price must include ALL fees and charges the dealer intends to collect (except HST and licensing).

Examples of fees or charges that must be included in an advertised price:
  • Freight
  • PDI - PDE (pre-delivery inspection/ expense)
  • Administration fee(s)
  • Government levies (air tax, etc.)
  • OMVIC fee
  • Safety and e-test (unless the ad contains an "Unfit Vehicle" or "As-Is Vehicle" disclosure statement)
  • Products or services that have been pre-installed on a vehicle

OMVIC All-in Price Advertising TV Commercial

Understanding All-in Price Advertising

All-in Price Advertising All-in Price Advertising All-in Price Advertising All-in Price Advertising

Connect with OMVIC

Have a question or concern about a vehicle purchase or lease? Contact OMVIC’s Consumer Support Services at 1-800-943-6002, , or file a complaint here:

OMVIC offers free Car-Buying Seminars throughout the province! Interested in having OMVIC present a seminar to your organization or community group?

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