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OMVIC Academy


OMVIC Academy Video - 1
All-in Price Advertising
OMVIC Academy Video - 2
Negative Equity
OMVIC Academy Video - 3
The students learn what fees must be included in a dealer’s advertised price. The class holds an intervention and Timmy learns an important lesson about the dangers of long-term loans. Professor OMVIC isn’t acting like himself and gives the students strange advice about buying a car privately. Should they trust him?
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OMVIC Academy Video - 4
Buying from an OMVIC-Registered Dealer
OMVIC Academy Video - 5
Buying from a Private Seller
It’s classmates vs. classmates in a feud to determine who knows the most about buying from a
registered dealer.
Roleplaying: the class helps Justin prepare for an appointment with a private seller. Will he remember the right questions to ask?
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Welcome to the OMVIC Academy---where consumers become confident car buyers

Buying a car? Don’t get schooled…get educated! The OMVIC Academy provides ‘students’ with fun and engaging (and free) resources that will help ensure they understand:

  • Dealer Advertising
  • Vehicle financing and the potential pitfalls of extended-term loans
  • Curbsiders---the illegal, unlicensed dealers who often sell rebuilt wrecks or vehicles with rolled-back odometers
  • The legal protections consumers are granted when purchasing from a registered dealer
  • How to protect themselves when buying a vehicle privately

The videos and Car-Buying Guide are targeted to first-time buyers and new Canadians. OMVIC also encourages high school teachers and driving school instructors to utilize the Academy resources.

Each topic is featured in in a short 2-3-minute video that uses the power of humour to educate as well as entertain.

Inspired by sitcoms from the 80s and 90s, the video series is set at the OMVIC Academy where students Ling, Timmy, Justin and Ellen are guided by the knowledgeable Professor OMVIC, in their drive to becoming “confident car buyers”.  Note: each video is also available with French, Punjabi and Simplified Chinese subtitles.

In addition to the videos, the OMVIC Academy provides a free downloadable Car-Buying Guide that provides useful information for car shoppers and includes seven checklists for use before buying, during the buying process and even a checklist designed to ensure the vehicle delivery goes smoothly!

Who is the OMVIC Academy For?

While designed for first-time vehicle buyers and new Canadians who might be unfamiliar with vehicle purchasing in Canada, absolutely anyone planning a vehicle purchase will learn and benefit from the information and lessons the Academy resources provide.

Multilingual Translations

To view these videos with French, Simplified Chinese or Punjabi subtitles please click here.

OMVIC Academy Car-Buying Guide - Student Manual

Begin a journey to becoming a confident car-buyer off right: download the OMVIC Academy Car-Buying Guide. Filled with useful tips, checklists and words of support from the OMVIC Academy cast of characters, this guide is a must for all car buyers.

Download the Guide

Meet the Cast

Professor OMVIC Timmy Ellen Justin Ling
OMVIC Academy Professor OMVIC Academy Timmy OMVIC Academy Ellen OMVIC Academy Justin OMVIC Academy Ling
Meet Professor OMVIC
Fun fact: trademarked “omvictory” to denote a successful car purchase.
Meet Timmy
Fun fact: thinks math is a conspiracy theory.
Meet Ellen
Fun fact: has never missed a day of school,ever.
Meet Justin
Fun fact: plans to be a motivational speaker.
Meet Ling
Fun fact: is writing a one woman show about her car-buying journey.


Supporting Resources for Videos

OMVIC Academy Video 1 - All in Price Advertising

If a motor-vehicle dealer advertises a price for a vehicle (new or used), the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA) requires that the price include all fees and charges the dealer intends to collect. Learn more here: All in Price Advertising

OMVIC Academy Video 2 - Negative Equity

Many consumers mistakenly shop for a vehicle solely based on a low monthly payment rather than the actual price. Often referred to as “monthly payment junkies,” some of these consumers find themselves financing a vehicle over extended terms (84-96-108 months). In many instances, this can lead to “negative equity” (owing more for a vehicle than it is worth). Learn more here:  Auto Financing and Negative Equity

OMVIC Academy Video 3 - Curbsiders

Curbsiders are illegal, unlicensed vehicle dealers who pose as private sellers, though some operate from small automotive businesses (repair shops, rental companies, etc.). Curbsiders often sell vehicles that are undisclosed, rebuilt write-offs or are odometer-tampered. Learn more here:  Curbsiding

OMVIC Academy Video 4 - Buying from a Registered Dealer

Registration with OMVIC is mandatory for all dealers and salespeople in Ontario. Consumers who buy from OMVIC-Registered dealers have a right to All-in price advertising; Full disclosure of vehicle history and condition; Cancellation rights (for specified non-disclosures) and access to the Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund. To learn more about your rights when buying from a dealer visit:  Buying from a Registered Dealer

OMVIC Academy Video 5 - Buying from a Private Seller

Consumers are only protected when buying from an OMVIC-Registered Dealer, so if they decide to buy privately, they need to educate themselves and take extra care. Learn more here:  Tips for Buying Privately

And There's More!

From test-drive tips to spotting scams, below are additional links to OMVIC resources for consumers. There's even a car-buying quiz to test your car-buying IQ.

Test Driving Tips

When buying a car privately or from a registered dealer, consumers have to learn to protect themselves; and one of the key steps is taking a thorough test drive—not just around the block. To learn more visit: Test Driving Tips

Spot a Roll-Back

Devices capable of reprogramming the odometer in many of today’s computerized vehicles are readily available online for a few hundred dollars. As well, unscrupulous individuals advertise “odometer correction services” on many online marketplaces. These easily accessible methods unfortunately mean vehicles with rolled-back odometers are increasingly offered for sale online. To learn more visit: Can Odometers be Rolled Back?

Online Scams

Online scams routinely target Ontario car buyers through fake ads found on popular websites such as Kijiji, AutoTRADER and Craigslist. To learn how to identify these scams visit: Telltale Signs of a Car-Buying Scam

Trade-In Tips

Trading-in a vehicle (versus selling privately) has pros and cons. On the downside, dealers generally offer the wholesale value of a trade-in, which could be less than what a consumer might get selling privately. On the positive side, trading in a vehicle is easier, faster and more secure; it avoids the myriad of headaches (e.g. no-shows, ownership transfer, obtaining secure payment) associated with selling privately; and, there are tax savings to be had when trading in. To learn more visit: Trade-In Tips

Car Loans

The majority of consumers borrow money for a vehicle purchase. Some choose to use a personal line of credit or arrange financing at their own financial institution but many have the dealer arrange financing. Often though, having the dealer arrange financing makes sense—dealers have access to numerous lenders that may provide terms or rates unavailable elsewhere. But this doesn’t mean consumers shouldn’t carefully consider what is being offered and take steps to ensure they are getting the best possible finance rate and terms. To learn more visit: Financing - Considerations, Questions and Tips When Arranging Auto Financing


A lease is a long-term car rental that typically runs over a series of months (36, 48, 60) with a set monthly payment. Leasing is available for both new and used cars. To learn more visit: About Leasing

Extended Warranties

Extended warranties cover some mechanical breakdowns, not necessarily the normal wear and tear a vehicle experiences. Extended warranties are not all created equal;much like vehicles, they come in every shape and design. To learn more visit: Extended Warranty

Delivery Tips

Picking up a new vehicle can be exciting! But there are several important factors to consider at the time of delivery. To learn more visit: Vehicle Delivery Tips

Car-Buying Quiz!

Is your car-buying know-how stuck in first gear or set on cruise. Test yourself using OMVIC’s Car Buying Quiz You can even share your results and challenge your friends.