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OMVIC Academy Multilingual Videos

OMVIC Academy Video 1 – All-in Price Advertising

The students learn what fees must be included in a dealer’s advertised price

All In Price

OMVIC Academy Video 2 – Negative Equity

The class holds an intervention and Timmy learns an important lesson about the dangers of long-term loans

Negative Equity

OMVIC Academy Video 3 – Curbsiders

Professor OMVIC isn’t acting like himself and gives the students strange advice


OMVIC Academy Video 4 – Buying from a Registered Dealer

It’s classmates vs. classmates in a feud to determine who knows the most about buying

Buying from Registered Dealer

OMVIC Academy Video 5 – Buying from a Private Seller

Roleplaying: the class helps Justin prepare for an appointment with a private seller

Buying from a Private Seller