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Consumer Line 2020

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  • Protect Yourself from Fraud
  • How to Check if a Dealership is OMVIC-Registered
  • Taking Delivery of a Vehicle
  • OMVIC Encourages Car Buyers to Choose the "Safer Way”

  • Test Your Car-Buying Knowledge
  • Negative Equity
  • Learn Your Motorcycle-Buying Rights
  • Buying an RV

  • Car-Buying Seminars Adapt to Life During COVID-19
  • OMVIC releases guidelines to protect health of consumers
  • Learn Your Car-Buying Rights Online
  • Leasing a Car in Ontario

  • Buying a Car Online
  • Thinking of Buying a Car Privately?
  • Answering Consumer Covid-19 Questions
  • All About OMVIC

  • COVID-19
  • Director Wins Women in Leadership Award
  • Oakville Dealer Fined
  • GM Dealership Closes

  • Rolled-back Odometer Fraud
  • Breaking Up with Your Vehicle
  • The Best Way to Get Educated
  • Private Sellers vs Curbsiders

  • OMVIC’s Outreach by the Numbers
  • Mandatory Disclosures
  • Buying from an OMVIC-Registered Dealer
  • Newmarket Dealer Suspended